India Focus

Why India

India is soon to be the most populated country in the world.  It holds the largest concentration of Unreached People Groups.  It also lies close to the center of the 10/40 window. This is an area that contains the greatest need for the Gospel, yet the fewest missionaries and mission resources.

Most of the UPG's in India still do not have a Bible in their language. Many in Christian circles have discussed this need for some time, now it is time we rally our efforts in finishing the task given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

As we move forward in these endeavors, the resistance will strengthen. Please help by focusing your prayers and resources toward India so that together we can see India impacted with the Gospel and millions worship God together with us in Eternity.

Pray for India

There are over 1400 Unreached People Groups in India.  Over 300 of these groups are not being reached by anyone still today.  We need to pray first of all for workers to start reaching out to them.  Next we need to begin to pray specifically for them.  Here are some recourses to help us pray more effectively.